is a bad companion…

I saw all these wonderful houses all over the world…houses which I could never afford to rent…at places I always wanted to see…and I still had not yet finished my damned profile preparations.

The translation of my so hard written text was difficult. I should have written it right away in English, accepting mistakes. In the end I changed a lot, I deleted some parts, and send my text to an Australian friend of mine (who lives in Germany for 20years) for corrections…

Well, patience is not one of my best characteristics…and my friend a pretty busy man…he probably saw my email, intended to answer right away, got instracted by an incoming phone call and forgot me and my unfinished profile.

We saw us a week later at our regularly beachvolleyball match. There I got him, he couldn’t escape…I presented him a printed out version. This day I went home with more than muscle ache, I went home with a satisfied smile as I finally could register!


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