No overstatement

but words that make everybody believe: your place is the best in town.

My photos were good, so said a photograper friend of mine. Maybe she lied to keep me going on but as I did not want to win a photo competition, I was a little proud.

And ready for the last step.

The texting. The wording. The content. The description.

With the provider I had chosen to register on it was possible to write as much text as you want about your home, the surrounding, yourself. This gives a more personal and a better overall expression about you and your offer. There are other pages where you can just click buttons. Not very attractive.

Based on the structure of another profile I found and liked I started writing. Sorry for that very little imitating. I wanted to transport the feeling of living we have in our apartment, the positive atmosphere ( „good vibrations“). For me this is more important to know than if the kitchen is a gourmet or just a normal kitchen. Same with the description of the area we live in.

After again a lot of days I discussed my written text with my family, added some information, deleted some redundances. And finally: This is the best place in town!

Before starting writing I read a great number of profiles to get an impression how to write best. When reading I noticed that I clicked away profiles which were not in English language, even the ones in German or French or Spanish (which I would understand more or less).

So then I had to translate my writing…hard work again but fortunately no one on these plattforms expect perfect English of a German lady (hopefully not here either…)



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