Before swimming…

…take on your swim suit, look if there’s really water in the pool…

Regarding my profile on the homeexchange platform this meant A LOT OF WORK before even thinking about a destination where we would like to go. To my opinion, the actual effort you have to undertake to place a good, attractive profile is high. So, don’t believe these platforms when they say „take a few minutes…“ It takes hours, days, weeks, to get everything together, sorted out, written…

I cleaned the apartment – because I was sure it will be seen on the pics I was going to publish
I tidied up the apartment – same thing, but how pleasant to live in such a nice atmosphereI decorated the apartment – why actually only for this foto situation
Every day I focused on one room – penthouse, a lot of rooms…
took heaps of fotos, waited for the right light ( to be light flooded, unfortunately sunny days are rare in November in Berlin…)
Picasa became my best friend
my pics became better and better

When after a couple of weeks I had just one more room left I was at that point of annoyment when you really have to force yourself to go until the end, to not give up, to run the last 300 m of the long distance run…

p.s. for sure, you can lay down in an empty pool, naked, doing some swimming gymnastics…But: who wants to see THAT?


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