Once you did it…

you want no more „usual“ holidays in a rented apartment or house! You get sort of addicted…

When I started thinking about changing our home for holiday reason I was unsure that this would work out. That the rest of my family would also agree to let foreign people in their privacay.

My husband always likes to build up his opinion based on a serious recherche…so I looked in the www to find every sort information I could get about homeexchanging. Hard job. In fact, it was not really a lot I found.  There are quite a few platforms to register, there are a few reports in the media about this trend and of course you find user experiences every platform.  But to us it still had the touch of something strange, mysterious and maybe not totally serious…

However, I compared several plattforms, their profiles, weaks and strenghts, prices, members etc. and we decided to jump in the cold water…



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